Export to Sweden, Germany , France,  Norway , Nederlands, USA and.Japan
Owner of Papillon since 1982, breeder since 1988, owner of Phalène since 1993.
Member of the Danish Kennel Club (DKK) and Papillon Klubben in Danmatk

My dogs are registered in  the Danish Kennel Club,
 the oldest and largest dog-society in Denmark.
DKK is affiliated with FCI. 
 (The Fédération Cynologique Internationale )

take Danish Kennel Clubs Breeder course/training


Inger M. Sørensen
Hørve Kanalvej 17
DK 4534 Hørve
TLF: +45-59656201 Mobil: +45-20788420


Midi 'Papillon (The Butterfly)'
© 2000 Bruce DeBoer
Used with permission

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